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Episode 564: Our weekly highlights and recap of powerful business lessons

Our weekly highlights and recap of powerful business lessons

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In today’s episode we have all of the highlights of the prior week’s shows including where to find the many resources mentioned! We covered episode #557 and #544.

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#557 After Being Burned by a PL Mess, she’s building a beautiful AZ Replens Business

  • Guest shares about her disastrous private label start
  • Guest shares about PAC Conference Speaker, Kevin Ramsby, who was quite impactful for her (his book is titled “Fight to Forgive”)
  • Guest mentions book – Rich Dad’s Cashflow Quadrant: Guide to Financial Freedom by Robert Kiyosaki and Jim’s Silent Sales Machine book-both were helpful in launching her e-commerce business
  • – buy one get one free until the end of the year. Price increases in 2023. January 4th!
  • Finding profitable inventory. Brian Olson’s Advanced Keepa training in PAC. Podcast #369 for Keepa discussion. 
  • “Just in time” learning vs. “Just in case” learning
  • Jim’s important 2 word question – “How’s business”
  • Guest shares important tips for new sellers
  • Jim talks about the Hebrew lesson- the 8 levels of giving
  • Jim says the first hire should be someone who can find revenue/profit for you.

#544 Found 100 Replens in first month as Amazon Sellers

Guest started inventory hunting by scanning barcodes but soon found Jimmy Smith’s Replens training. Guest found over 100 replens in the first 30 days by following Jimmy’s training!

  • Guest took OA Simplified training ( – used in combination with Tactical Arbitrage (TA) to find replens. 
  • Guest asks about the next step of hiring a VA vs using a prep center. Jim discusses this as well as acquiring outside funding via Accrue Me ( 
  • Guest suggested new sellers take pictures of the store shelves and then go home and research to findunderserved ASINS (not products!)
  • Jim discussed the buy box and how to strategically price your items
  • Jim talked about perspective and finding winning Replens 80% of the time; there may be 20% “losses/oops” but there are ways to recoup from those.

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