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Episode 556: Our weekly highlights and recap of powerful business lessons

Our weekly highlights and recap of powerful business lessons

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In today’s episode we have all of the highlights of last week’s shows including where to find the many resources mentioned! We covered episode #550 and #552.

#552 College Prof pursuing PhD while building a beautiful AZ Replen

Jim warns the listeners about selling closeout or return products because there is significant risk due to there being no chain of custody in the event of an IP complaint. 

Jim discusses how permanent suspensions are so slim that it isn’t really worth worrying about but it is essential to keep your account in good standing. 

Jim discusses many ways to search for products because each one yields different search results: Amazon seller app vs Amazon customer app and Amazon shopping app on phone vs .com website on desktop. 

Jim discusses the definition of replens as well as criteria for finding good replens. 

Jim discusses Keepa. Suggests listening to episode #369 which is a deep dive into Keepa. There is also a 20min Keepa video within the MST Facebook group where Jim shows how to use Keepa. 

Jim discusses OA Simplified course that is coming to PAC soon. 

Jim discusses a special offer for Sellerboard at $15/month. for more information.

Jim dives into some business principles he believes – “The degree to which you make your business about relationships is the degree to which you are going to have success.” and “Is it even possible to run a business without improving the lives of others?” The blending of ministry and business – Jim discusses how there is no delineation between serving in business and serving in ministry. A Hebrew based lessons in this episode is pulled from the book “Business Secrets From the Bible” by Daniel Lapin

Jim recommends a book called Evangelpreneur by Josh Tolley. 

Jim talks about building relationships when growing your virtual Amazon business and how important this is.

Jim discusses the benefits of hiring someone local to help pack and ship vs hiring a prep center. Jim mentions website:

Guest talks about some “hacks” – buying on Amazon and reselling on Amazon (cannot use a Prime account to do this). Using Amazon to get ungated in categories. Do NOT return products to Amazon after getting ungated – sell on another platform instead. 

#550 Used Only $200 to start & rolled it into paying off 10’s of thousands

Jim highly recommends the book: The E-Myth by Michael Gerber and reminds the listeners to “Only do the things that only you can do.” 

Jim talks about having someone else source your products as this is one of the first tasks that can be delegated in the listener’s business. It can be accomplished by either hiring a VA or training a VA yourself. He then talks about hiring a shopper and how each incremental step of delegation is beneficial so the listener can function as the owner of the business not self employed.  

Jim says the most powerful lever that a seller can bring into their business is a VA for about $4/hour. 

Jim mentions OA Simplified – it is its own website and course but will be rolled into the PAC at the start of 2023. 

Jim talks with the guest about getting a plan in place going into the new year and how to scale his business

Guest shares transparently about his insecurity in comparing himself to others. Jim shares how George Bush Jr. says, “If I’m the smartest one in the room, I’m in the wrong room.” Business owners need humility to be able to step aside and allow themselves to be small enough to let others help and do their part too. 

Guest mentions “BHAG” – “Big Hairy Audacious Goal” to bring his wife home from her healthcare insurance

Surround yourself with others who are working to accomplish the same or even bigger goals. A great place to start is at our annual live event

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Books mentioned:

Evangelpreneur – Josh Tolley

The E-Myth Revisited – Michael Gerber

Business Secrets From the Bible – Rabbi Daniel Lapin

Rabbi Lapin’s Podcast

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Jeff Schick of for legal support and questions about your Amazon account

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