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Episode 489: Heading towards $500K in 2022 using a trained VA to find Amazon inventory

Heading towards $500K in 2022 using a trained VA to find Amazon inventory

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Today’s guests call their Amazon selling journey a “comeback story”. They had been hit hard prior to discovering online selling – and they had to dig back to a place of stability. In 2021 they played around on their own selling a few things on Facebook Marketplace, eBay and some on Amazon, but in late 2021, they discovered this podcast and our Facebook community.


They now give the community a lot of credit for helping them get to where they are now – on the verge of a $500K sales year in 2022 at great margins (about 20% AFTER paying themselves a cut!)


Their virtual assistant we assigned them from found over 100 great selling REPLENS within the first five weeks of being hired! (“Replens” are great products that are easily sourced that sell over and over again on Amazon at full price.) They called this a “game changer” on today’s episode. They had more than paid for the entire expense of hiring the VA within just a few weeks as you’ll hear! Today’s guests, Travis and Becky George (who plan to be with us at event in August 2022 in Louisville!)


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