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Episode 482: He’s earning net profit $600/hr with his Amazon replens business. Here’s how.

He's earning net profit $600/hr with his Amazon replens business. Here's how.

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Today’s guest has been selling online since the 80s!! He’s seen some things work for a short time and then fizzle out, and he’s tried many models as he’ll share, but he says, “The best thing about the course is that if you try it, it will work.” Get this – he’s selling about $38K per month at a 24% net margin, but he only works a few minutes per day (always less than an hour). You’ll hear many great insights for new sellers and experienced sellers alike today. Here’s yet another Amazon REPLENS success story! Today’s guest: Ed Newman


You’ll hear him talk about using “TA” (Tactical Arbitrage) as a tool that has helped him build his process. We have BRAND NEW TA training coming along with Online Arbitrage (aka “OA” or “online sourcing”) training at – Available now!


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Leigha’s story – she’s the student mentioned today (who is now a coach on our team) who sold $500K last year and is on track to sell $1MM this year in 2022 as a “one mom show” who never sees or touches her inventory! Leigha’s episode is #431 of this podcast. She’s also one of the trainers on our upcoming OA training that includes Tactical Arbitrage training! Details:


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Keepa – -The service we use to help interpret all of the selling data. Keepa is discussed in depth on episode 369 at


Tactical Arbitrage: Some advanced strategies people are using to find replens using TA. Once you understand how to find replens and what they look like, TA can be a powerful add-on to your business! Get Tactical Arbitrage with a 10 day trial offer here:


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