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Episode 469: Selling $40K/month as a homeschooling married couple using Amazon REPLENS

Selling $40K/month as a homeschooling married couple using Amazon REPLENS

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On today’s episode we meet a young couple who faced a significant challenge in 2020 when covid struck and took away virtually all their job income. They had previously used simple “barcode scan” retail arbitrage models on Amazon, but the income wasn’t sufficient for them to justify going “all in”.

Once they discovered this podcast, our community and the REPLENS training however, they quickly realized they were on to something special!

They are now putting in 15-20 hours or so each per week and living a flexible schedule while building a beautiful business! We are also excited to announce that Tori has become a coach on our team! For 2022 so far they are averaging $40K/month in sales at just under 20% net margin.

We discuss Amazon strategy, family tips, homeschooling and many other great topics on today’s episode with guest Brandon and Tori Knudsen.

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