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Episode 439: Full time public school teacher is now selling $10K per month on Amazon using the “PAC”

Full time public school teacher is now selling $10K per month on Amazon using the "PAC"

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A full-time public school teacher is today’s guest. Several months ago he was new to the Amazon selling strategies that we teach in the course, so he jumped into our coaching program and got to work. Today we’ll hear his story of how he started just a few months ago and is now seeing $10K per month in sales and climbing steadily! He has a virtual assistant who sends him several easily sourced new replen items every day! He’s also recently become a coach on our team because not only is he getting great results with our strategies, he also has an incredible “teacher’s heart” that makes him a perfect fit for our team of successful students turned coaches! Glenn’s margins are just over 20% and he shares his journey and great lessons on today’s episode.


Today’s guest: Glenn Sesco


Also, going international on Amazon is WIDE OPEN! Stay tuned after the main interview today to hear a discussion I had with a company that helps Amazon sellers go international! Even if you are selling brands that belong to someone else (aka reselling), you can go international and improve your business without the headaches of navigating the details alone! The last 20 minutes of today’s episode are an interview with an expert on this topic

We don’t have an affiliate or sponsorship relationship with this company. I’m simply impressed with what they offer. Save 50% on your fees with by using this link if you look them up:


Watch his episode on YouTube:


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The guest I spoke with on the final segment today was Rael Lowenthal – email: [email protected]


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