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Episode 412: Is wholesale better than private label selling on Amazon!?

Is wholesale better than private label selling on Amazon!?

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Today I share some HARD EVIDENCE that reveals why I’m now convinced more than ever that Wholesale strategies are AS PROFITABLE and FAR LESS RISKY than PL strategies are for sellers! It’s a common theme on our show to hear me rant about all of the hyped up promises of the PL (Private Label) selling model on Amazon. Virtually every youtube “expert” is talking about PL, but we take an alternate path ESPECIALLY for new sellers. New evidence has come to my attention that makes our approach very validated. Wholesale is as profitable as PL and it has almost none of the risks with ALL of the same benefits- including building a business you can sell someday! Today I explain.


Show note LINKS: – Learn the wholesale sourcing strategies discussed on today’s episode


The video by AccrueMe that explains why they are as excited about Wholesale as they are PL: – get details on the $500 offer and see how AccrueMe works **Full disclosure – This podcast receives a small referral fee if any students become clients of AccrueMe. We are asked to work with and endorse countless offers and have always been very cautious about what businesses we endorse. – the special offer that Accrue me has for our audience with a $500 cash payout bonus to you!


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