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Episode 381: Coaching student at $20K per month while working 70+ hour weeks at his full time job

Coaching student at $20K per month while working 70+ hour weeks at his full time job

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Today’s guest had never bought or sold anything online up until about three months ago. He ramped up quickly though after finding our community (and avoiding some slick private label “guru’s” who nearly had him fooled). He took our fast-start training about 3 months ago and things took off from there! In spite of having a young family and working 70+ hours per week, he’s building an incredible business online in his “spare time” and is about to hit $20K for the most recent month as we recorded this episode. He’s focusing in on the “replens” model of Amazon selling as taught in the course (as are most of our recent 100s of success stories).  He shares about his virtual assistant who helps him find replens as well as his newly hired worker who is helping automate his processes. We talk a bit about homeschooling, hiring and his first impressions of our business building warrior community.

Today’s guest : Kyle Curtis


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