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Episode 380: Summer 2021 mindset hacks for online sellers

Summer 2021 mindset hacks for online sellers

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Summer is a slower selling season for many of us ecommerce warriors. How do you stay motivated? What are some mindset “hacks” if you will that keep you moving forward towards big goals? Today’s episode has some stories, some resources and some encouragement to help you keep fighting as a business building warrior! I borrow from scripture, from history and from some of the great members of our community who are inspiring us with their spirit and fight! Stay strong warrior!


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A recent, free Mindset Monday video inside our facebook group: #MindsetMonday link – gather live in a small group setting and learn our replens and wholesale models in an intensive 4 days workshop in Arizona – our annual fourth quarter motivation and tips group to help you maximize the busiest shopping season of the year!


Daniel Lapin Keynote from 2019 (mindset strategies among other topics):


Roger Morton’s book: Mediocrity is a Choice – videos from our Summer 2021 event are now available! Incredible content and a big motivational push to attend live next time!


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