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Episode 378: He found 1,000 profitable products in 5 weeks

He found 1,000 profitable products in 5 weeks

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DESC: Today’s guest expects to use strategies he learned from the course to sell about $700K total at a 100% ROI in his Amazon “REPLENS” business. Recently he hired some help and turned them loose and found approx. 1,000 profitable products for his business in about 5 weeks. The challenge isn’t FINDING products to sell – it’s finding time to buy them all! We discuss great books, what tools we use and other strategies in this episode. If you are new to Amazon selling you’ll be inspired by this episode for sure! If you are experienced you’ll get some great strategies. Thanks for listening to the podcast ranked as the “Top Amazon Seller Podcast by Feedspot”.

Today’s guest Dennis Hertzler

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