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Episode 366: So, what exactly should I sell online? Also, where do I start?

So, what exactly should I sell online? Also, where do I start?

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Having taught 1,000s of sellers how to succeed, we’ve noticed some patterns. There’s almost a “lifecycle” that’s emerged. If you are wondering where to start, or what to sell, or what comes next, or what the landscape of opportunity looks like, then this episode is for you.

We’ve seen far too many new sellers set out trying to launch a successful Private Label brand. You almost certainly SHOULD NOT start there. We’ve also see far too many new sellers invest thousands in software, pricey big-hype courses and experts and have nothing to show for it.

Let’s talk openly about what actually works.

Let’s talk about what you should do next if you have little to no funds to work with.

Let’s talk about the steps you’ll be taking as you grow!

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