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Episode 365: Would you like to visit a multiple seven figure Amazon replens business?

Would you like to visit a multiple seven figure Amazon replens business?

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Over the past few years this couple has grown a multiple seven figure Amazon business operating at a healthy margin. Now they want to invite you to come see their operation up close and learn their exact strategies! They combine wholesale strategies with replens strategies and have grown an incredible operation. Would you like to visit their warehouse? Today we are excited to launch dates for our that gives you a chance to do just that! Also in the episode Rich reveals how they go through wholesale lists and find winners quickly using the replens strategy. Today’s guest: Rich Potter of


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– come to Phoenix for 3 1/2 days and hang out with Rich and Shelley Potter and their entire team! See their multiple seven figure biz up close!


This is the third time that Rich (and sometimes Shelley) have appeared on our show! The other two episodes (links below). Go back and listen to get the fascinating backstory!


The other two appearances by Rich and Shelley on our podcast:


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Proven Conference- come join us in Tampa in July! – apply to visit Rich and Shelley’s Arizona warehouse and learn from them directly!


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