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Episode 346: Want some failure stories? There are only three ways to fail selling on Amazon

Want some failure stories? There are only three ways to fail selling on Amazon

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There are only a few ways to fail when building a business on Amazon. Today I identify them and tell you how to avoid them. Of all the ecommerce podcasts available in the world, I’m unaware of any other show that follows our format where we parade story after story of our own in house successful students who are building amazing businesses. The team and I take great pride in each success story, but we are fully aware that all businesses struggle at times and many businesses fail! These struggles are shared openly every day in our community. Some have requested that we share more “failure stories” and “struggle stories”, so in response I made this episode.  Here’s my list of the potential missteps that can truly ruin your chances of succeeding on Amazon.  Every failure story has one or more of these factors in play.  These are the factors that are fully in your control, and you must pay attention to each of them. In doing so, you are on the path to Amazon success!

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