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Episode 345: From nursing school to an $800K Amazon business

From nursing school to an $800K Amazon business

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Today we hear from a husband and father who is building something special on Amazon. He’s working with his parents and his brother on a family adventure. Our guest Spencer is a “JimCockrumCoaching” student who started selling on Amazon during college with less than exciting results (before he found us), but as he began to grow his family and get into his medical career, he started taking his online ventures more seriously. Before he was introduced to our community he was spending time in clearance aisles looking for items to flip, but once he learned about and applied the strategies we teach, his business really took off. In 2020 Spencer and his team achieved $800K in sales at a 21% profit margin on Amazon primarily creating unique bundles from his wholesale suppliers. Remarkably, all of this was achieved while he was still working his nursing career in the middle of the worst of the covid pandemic. Today’s Guest is Spencer Carlson

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