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Episode 343: Expecting to do $3million on Amazon in 2021 with a small team

Expecting to do $3million on Amazon in 2021 with a small team

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Here’s another dad who gets to be home thanks to his ecommerce business! Today’s guest has been a member of our community for some time now. He was actually a guest of the show back in 2017 which was just after I had my total loss house fire from a lightning strike (a year I’ll never forget!) Since that time, Eric has steadily grown his business and enjoys a flexible lifestyle working from home with a small team. He doesn’t have an office or even own any warehouse space. He “rents” some space from a local warehouse that has excess space. His net take home (after all employees and other expenses) is about 10% of total sales, and he’s expecting to do about $3million in sales in 2021. Today we talk about wholesale sourcing strategies, Eric’s new interest in the replens model, the PPP model (PPP is “Proven Product Partnering” – the model where you get paid to help brands get onto amazon) and even some bundling. Today’s guest: Eric Borgeson

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LINKS: – the comprehensive course that contains all our Amazon training modules (including wholesale, PPP, Bundles and Replens as well as several others not listed below individually as well) – our most recent Amazon bundle training – the REPLENS only module by itself – the Amazon selling model where you spend none of your own money but get paid to help other brands get onto Amazon and sell well – This course teaches how to find and what to say to the wholesale companies our coaching team. Free consult. Call us! – get smartphone alerts when we have a new [email protected] – contact us if you have questions!

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