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Episode 331: Built fast or built to last? The key to my 20 years of success in ecommerce

Built fast or built to last? The key to my 20 years of success in ecommerce

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When it comes to building a viable business online, some will make it, and some won’t. With a couple decades of experience I feel like I can consistently predict who the winners will be – and it all comes down to how you decide to answer one simple question! Today I’ll share that question with you and tell you why it’s VITAL.  I made this episode today because as I look around the landscape of those who started their online business journeys in the past 5,10 or 20 years and seemed to have great momentum, too many have gone on to fail – and that’s upsetting, and unnecessary. There are many others I’ve watched however who, like me have stood the test of time and continue year after year to thrive and grow in the world of home based internet business. Let’s explore why that is with a simple question. 


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