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Episode 268: My 20 year old has a healthy five figure per month biz – and it’s NOT Amazon

My 20 year old has a healthy five figure per month biz - and it's NOT Amazon

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Today I get to interview my son Trey. He’s 20 and he’s built an incredible business applying the same principles we teach in our community. He’s debt free, lives on his own in a great apartment and his business goal for 2020 is a $100K sales month (very high margins!) And get this – even though his dad (me) runs the number one Amazon seller training team in the world, Trey’s business has literally NOTHING to do with seeing physical products online! 


We are also excited to announce the launch our group as well in this episode. If you are looking to spend time with business building warriors who are making things happen, you should consider joining this virtual mastermind group! The website has details. 



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The last time Trey was on the show was episode #212 at


A link to the discussion about this episode on Facebook : Our July 2020 event in Florida – the book that introduces the three biz models we teach the new mastermind concept we are launching soon! Sing up for notifications and details on that page!


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