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Episode 250: Building a 7 figure Amazon business, losing it & getting it back again

Building a 7 figure Amazon business, losing it & getting it back again

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Imagine building a great team and a big number business online only to lose it all fairly quickly, and then rebuilding it all again better than ever! That’s the story of today’s guest. Fred McKinnon has seen it all over 20 years of online selling, and you’ll be inspired and learn some incredible diversification strategies that can help any business building warrior build a more sustainable income.  If you are looking for stability and long term success in your business and life, you’ll love this episode! (this course is included in full inside the or sold separate on that page) – the best selling course in the world about Amazon selling success with more success stories than any other and free updates for life!


The drop ship episode that Fred and Jim talk about can be found here: episode #161


The “super power” episode that Jim talks about towards the end of this show can be found here: episode #236 – Join us in July 2020 in Boca Raton Florida! Listeners to this show from around the world are heading to Florida!


Fred’s song that he wrote just for our community – the $5 book recently voted the all-time best book for beginner online sales! 


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