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As of 2022, this podcast emphasizes success on Amazon FBA using a unique system you won’t find taught elsewhere. 

You’ll hear dozens of recently successful students from around the word interviewed as well as the latest advice from Jim Cockrum, a veteran of e-commerce who has sold tens of millions online with his team since 1999.

NOTE: This show and related content are not related to or endorsed by, nor are the success stories you'll hear representative of typical or average results you should expect. Any results mentioned by any guests on this show are not intended to imply that you'll achieve similar results or any results.

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Episode 550: Used only $200 to start & rolled it into paying off 10's of thousands in debt

Episode 549: Building a beautiful Amazon business selling in the US from Malaysia

Episode 548: Top 10 reasons to be excited about selling on Amazon as 2023 approaches

Episode 547: Busy mom is a nurse but she's built an amazing Amazon REPLENS business

Episode 546: Building a beautiful Amazon replens/wholesale business from the UK selling into the US

Episode 545: How can I decide if Amazon selling is for me?

Episode 544: Found 100 REPLENS in first month as Amazon sellers

Episode 543: Our free podcast helped them get to seven figures on Amazon

Episode 542: Imagine an expert finding consistently profitable inventory for you daily for $4/hr

Episode 541: Struggling with arbitrage and making every possible mistake but still excited

Episode 540: Homeschool family aiming to bring dad home soon with Amazon REPLENS model

Episode 539: Everything you need to know about Dropshipping, Private Label and Liquidations if you are new to Amazon

Episode 538: Let's get cozy with Amazon IP alerts, suspensions & legal issues

Episode 537: Using a virtual assistant and online sourcing to scale to new Amazon heights

Episode 536: The simple attitude shift that puts more money in the bank as an ecommerce warrior

Episode 535: Meet a dad who is finding profitable products daily with a virtual assistant

Episode 534: How to diversify in e-commerce, cutting edge strategies coming soon & candid conversations with new students

Episode 533: Do you have the confidence required to succeed on Amazon?

Episode 532: student found 50 profitable REPLENS quickly - here's how

Episode 531: Started about 7 weeks ago and has 75 profitable products selling on Amazon

Episode 530: Finding your perfect biz model on two sheets of paper

Episode 529: Growing a multiple seven figure brand on Amazon with the team!

Episode 528: Coming back to Amazon selling to go after REPLENS after taking a few years off

Episode 527: You do realize you need a warrior's approach to business, right?

Episode 526: All E-commerce warriors need these vital cyber security insights

Episode 525: Building an amazing business in just a few months following strategies

Episode 524: You are on a business leadership journey. Here's help.

Episode 523: Brand new student is single mom who is gaining momentum!

Episode 522: These new Amazon sellers have questions, but they are getting great results so far

Episode 521: How "automatable" are the Amazon strategies we teach?

Episode 520: Single mom of 3 with full-time job builds amazing business with

Episode 519: A "struggle" story: Life keeps throwing obstacles at her and she's not there yet

Episode 518: Earning more means growing a team and leading well

Episode 517: A couple months into training and seeing huge potential

Episode 516: Unedited call with a brand new student who has a lot of questions

Episode 515: Six steps to a hands-free Amazon business with REPLENS

Episode 514: A few weeks into the Struggling & winning

Episode 513: The busiest shopping/selling season of the year is approaching! Get ready with

Episode 512: Leveraging a $4/hr "product finding expert" in your Amazon business

Episode 511: Scaling and automating your Amazon business (or any other business)

Episode 510: Building a very healthy wholesale biz using REPLENS model

Episode 509: Eight proven ways to earn on Amazon

Episode 508: Heading for a $100K month within 9 months with the course

Episode 507: Started with $150 & quickly turned it into $50K in sales on Amazon

Episode 506: The Amazon questions all new sellers ask & experienced sellers SHOULD be asking

Episode 505: After coaching over 7,000 Amazon sellers we've learned a few things

Episode 504: Homeschool family builds a seven figure Amazon business and launches a prep center

Episode 503: College grad doesn't need his biz degree if he's putting $20K/month in the bank with Amazon Replens!

Episode 502: The most popular Amazon success topics in our community

Episode 501: Traded in 4 hours of commuting each day to work his $50k per month Amazon biz from home

Episode 500: The Amazon seller success path that's worked for 1,000s

Episode 499: How does a "multiple income stream" conversation fit into an Amazon seller's life?

Episode 498: One man show with a VA just had a $140K month with Amazon REPLENS

Episode 497: Family of seven thriving on the income from their healthy Amazon REPLENS business

Episode 496: The advantage of using a repricing tool on Amazon

Episode 495: A multiple income stream approach to Amazon selling

Episode 494: Retiring from law enforcement to pursue Amazon and ecommerce dreams

Episode 493: Five mini lessons that put more cash in the bank

Episode 492: He studied Finance in college, but he's far more excited about his Amazon REPLENS business

Episode 491: Finding great REPLENS lead this student into hot selling unique bundles

Episode 490: But what if there's a recession?! What should Amazon sellers do?

Episode 489: Heading towards $500K in 2022 using a trained VA to find Amazon inventory

Episode 488: Mom of 9 selling six figures monthly in the US from Israel using our REPLENS system

Episode 487: Multiple Six Figure Amazon REPLENS business on Amazon US - all hands free from Turkey

Episode 486: With less than 70 REPLENS he's about to have a $120K month on Amazon

Episode 485: What path do most successful Amazon sellers take?

Episode 484: She came to the US with just $50 to her name - and now she's a coach on our team!

Episode 483: Is the REPLENS model truly the superior biz model for most Amazon sellers?

Episode 482: He's earning net profit $600/hr with his Amazon replens business. Here's how.

Episode 481: Musician leaves bartending job behind & quickly builds a beautiful Amazon REPLENS business

Episode 480: Two moms- each selling $100K/month teach us about hands free online sourcing for Amazon REPLENS

Episode 479: Using Amazon REPLENS model to sell $220K per month while running a prep center too

Episode 478: How this young couple built a $1million Amazon business with the REPLENS system

Episode 477: Amazon REPLENS helped this couple hit $20K last month at great margins

Episode 476: Raise your prices and you'll find more winning inventory

Episode 475: From traveling constantly with a "real job" to working Amazon from home and loving it.

Episode 474: Young couple new to Amazon sells $30K in third month using replens

Episode 473: What can a virtual assistant do for you? Let's talk to one!

Episode 472: Aiming for $120K this month after hitting $50K his second month with REPLENS

Episode 471: The most common questions we get about the Amazon seller strategy that's helped 1000s of our students

Episode 470: Football coach sold $25K in the last 30 days with REPLENS model

Episode 469: Selling $40K/month as a homeschooling married couple using Amazon REPLENS

Episode 468: All of our successful Amazon students understand three simple truths

Episode 467: A mastermind of Amazon sellers helping each other blast past $10K per month

Episode 466: Look for ASINs instead of hot products! 100's of recent success stories with this strategy!

Episode 465: Is the Amazon opportunity over hyped?

Episode 464: Mom shoots for $500K in 2022 as a solo Amazon REPLEN seller

Episode 463: Family hit their five year goal of $35K/month on Amazon within 10 months with REPLENS

Episode 462: Working 60hrs per week at his "real job" and selling $50K/month on Amazon with VA's

Episode 461: Today's guest is finding "repeat profit" inventory daily

Episode 460: $100K per month in sales with a shopping team spread across N. America

Episode 459: The only truly turnkey Amazon seller model is this one. Agree?

Episode 458: A farmer and his goat teach us a simple and powerful lesson about Amazon success

Episode 457: Student replaced his 90hr weeks at work with 20hr weeks on Amazon from home

Episode 456: Pastor's wife sells $400K/yr while living a flexible lifestyle

Episode 455: Avoid these four traps and you'll earn far more on Amazon and in E-commerce

Episode 454: A transparent conversation with a multiple income stream business building warrior

Episode 453: Stop looking for products & keywords if you want to win big as an Amazon seller

Episode 452: Using virtual assistant and OA to build a $500K+ Amazon business

Episode 451: Fully outsourced Amazon replens business builders moving into brand building

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