The complete system behind a fully automated multiple seven figure Amazon replens OA business

Proven Amazon Course student Khang recently appeared on our podcast to share about his fully automated multiple seven figure OA Amazon business built on the REPLENS model.

On the show he said,

“I’m finding and managing so many profitable ASINs on autopilot that my only limiting factor is the cash I put into the system.”


This Amazon OA replens system is so automated with a SMALL team that he just took two weeks vacation time traveling with his family during December 2023 and he didn’t even check his sellers stats – and his business grew with new profitable products constantly.

You can hear the full podcast episode here.

On this podcast episode you’ll hear the story of the tragic loss that his family faced just a few months ago in mid 2023, but in spite of the challenges, Khang’s business and profits grew dramatically with this system in place!


Our goal was to create a comprehensive system and allow Amazon replens sellers to eliminate the common challenges all sellers face.


Some features of “The System”:


  1. Your own daily buy list!
    Eliminate the manual work required to monitor ASINs as they move from “worth selling” to “on hold”. The viability of your ASIN catalog is updated in real time with Keepa data so you always know if any given ASIN is worth investing in. Each day you have a new “buy list” full of ASINs that you would easily miss otherwise.

  2. Dramatically Speed up check in times and inventory processing
    You’ll be able to prep products faster, cheaper, and with better quality than ever previously available. Check in and processing is so fast that Khang needs only 1 1/2 workers to manage his 6,000 ASINs.

  3. Simplify Account Health and Expense Tracking
    Account receipts and resources are tracked automatically.

    You’ll have a system that keeps track of how much you purchase on a daily basis without any manual data entry on a spreadsheet. The system not only tracks your daily spend, but also allows you to store receipts in the system for instant retrieval for your accountant or for any account health related issue (IP alert etc). You can download all the proof of purchase documents for any ASIN with one click – this saves an incredible amount of time and effort.

  4. A fully automated REPLENS system
    This robust system manages small Amazon seller businesses or the largest operations.

This system will be heavily discounted for all, Legends and Coaching students.

Khang Dang
Jim Cockrum


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