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Episode 854: The latest insights on building Branded Bundles on Amazon

The latest insights on building Branded Bundles on Amazon

Imagine using the power of popular, recognized brands to sell your OWN listings on Amazon! That’s the power of Branded Bundles.

At our recent annual conference we had nearly 50 break out sessions! Today’s new podcast episode is a session about Branded Bundles on Amazon presented recently by a fantastic coach on our team Leanna Crocco.

A branded bundle is a listing on Amazon that belongs only to you and contains a popular brand named product (one that you are eligible to sell) along with other items that add value to the product that ONLY you can source (your own branded item). You’ll hear about numerous examples of successful branded bundle listings and get a feel for the power of this strategy!

If you’d like to talk to us about integrating this strategy in to your Amazon arsenal, set up a call with our team here:

The full Branded Bundles course is one of the many great modules you’ll find inside the library – it’s called the “Proven Branded Bundles” course.

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Leanna Crocco
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