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Episode 845: We are seeing some very interesting indicators for Amazon sellers… on Walmart!

We are seeing some very interesting indicators for Amazon sellers... on Walmart!

During our recent live event in Orlando, Florida (The Proven Conference), we had dozens of amazing breakout sessions. One of the sessions was an introduction to the content that is coming soon regarding our unique strategies for success selling on We are seeing tremendous results among many of the great Amazon selling leaders and students on our team as they begin to integrate Walmart into their online selling strategy.


We remain increasingly excited about Amazon simply because of the sheer volume of transactions that happen every day (about 50% of all ecommerce!), but Walmart is growing quite rapidly, even though Walmart is still considerably smaller than Amazon. The new opportunities presented by Walmart are the main topic of today’s mini episode.


Enjoy this short overview discussion of why we are so excited about Walmart!



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Additional Info

Joseph Kelsey – a great coach on our team is basically finishing up the details of our new Walmart seller training course, and we will have it available for you soon~ Please visit this page in order to be kept up-to-date on all of the coming offers from our leadership team:

NOTE: If you are a student of the course or if you are a coaching student, you will receive an extreme discount on any new content that we produce.

Joseph mentions the “Bots course” is “in the PAC” – for those unaware, that means that the Bots course is in the library available to all PAC students.

Sourcing tools we recommend:

The Walmart repricing tool used by Joseph is Flashpricer! Get our special offer here

Wallysmarter – (look under solutions search for Walmart seller)

Nepeto –

Web Harvey –

SellerAmp –

Profit Seeker Pro –




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