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Episode 816: Couple with full time careers started in 2024 and have a growing REPLENS business already

Couple with full time careers started in 2024 and have a growing REPLENS business already

On today’s new podcast episode we meet a married couple who began their Amazon selling journey just a few short months ago.

They are students who quickly jumped into our coaching program as well and they are doing great!

As you’ll hear, they have made incredible progress in a very short time! You’ll hear what types of products that are selling, how they find a new “test worthy asins”, and all the realities of the day today routines they’ve established to give them an incredible trajectory towards a very bright financial future.

They are also joining us in Orlando at the upcoming event along with nearly 700 registered attendees May 23-25th! If you can’t make it, be sure to grab livestream access as soon as possible on that same website while it’s on sale!


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