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Episode 810: Our weekly highlights and recap of powerful business lessons

Our weekly highlights and recap of powerful business lessons

In today’s weekend episode we have highlights of a prior show.

Today’s guest only learned of Amazon REPLENS just a few short months ago. She’s a busy mom working full-time and pursuing a business degree but she’s managed to just have a very healthy five figure month on Amazon using the strategies as taught in the course.

We covered episode #775 –  Busy mom pursuing a college degree while also building a beautiful Amazon business. The full episode can be heard at

Highlights include:

The guest details her journey in the e-commerce world which started with Mercari and Poshmark before she found Amazon. She discusses ASD in Las Vega. Now that it’s the beginning of 2024, she is re-evaluating how to keep the momentum going and how to continue to grow!

The guest shares with Jim that during December, her sourcing was about 40% wholesale and 60% RA/OA. Jim encourages her to keep the wholesale going since she has already learned a lot (typically we do not recommend new sellers start with wholesale). But Jim REALLY encourages the guest to focus on the low hanging fruit while she is trying to ramp up and to do more RA and OA! Jim recommends Podcast #369 for all things Keepa! The guest mentions Seller Amp, which estimates sales per month (from Keepa data). Jim reminds the listeners to not get emotionally attached to any ASINs!

The guest had an incredibly busy Q4 with merchant fulfilling her sales! Jim then asks the guest what her process is for finding winning ASINs! The guest shares that she uses reverse sourcing and Jim affirms that this is an acceptable method to find test worthy ASINs

The guest shares how she found out that her boyfriend’s boss sells on Amazon as well. She was excited to know someone so close who is doing the same thing! Reminder that you can use the My Silent Team Facebook page to find other sellers located close to where you live!

The guest asks for Jim’s favorite book recommendations (aside from the Bible!): Business Secrets from the Bible by Rabbi Daniel Lapin. (The Rabbi is going to be the keynote speaker at The Proven Conference May 23-25, 2024!)

The Blessed Life and Beyond Blessed by Pastor Robert Morris – which have to do with stewardship. Entreleadership by Dave Ramsey

The guest asks Jim about inventory management and how best to go about handling all the moving pieces! Jim recommends Podcast #754 with Khang (who is coming out with new software). Replen Dashboard is another good option (Jimmy Smith).

Relevant Links
Need a hand in prepping inventory? We have a list of all known Amazon seller prep centers worldwide. If you know of a prep center that’s not listed, please let us know!
Replen Dashboard accurately tracks product movement and trends to help you with buying decisions and inventory projections. An awesome piece of software to keep all of your records straight!
Khang Dang's new software. 
The annual conference – May 23-25, 2024 in Orlando, FL! 
Book a free call with Jim’s team regarding coaching (every coach has their own successful Amazon business!) 

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