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Episode 782: A live Amazon Q/A with our Facebook members and PAC students

A live Amazon Q/A with our Facebook members and PAC students

Once per week or so our Amazon seller leadership team and I love to go live on Zoom with whoever can join us and answer as many ecommerce and Amazon selling related questions as possible. We love to capture the best moments from these Monday night sessions for you and turn them into a podcast episode.

From the team highlights:

Jim talks about the My Silent Team Facebook page which now has 74,000 members strong! The purpose of this Facebook group is to teach creative ways to make money online with Amazon as the primary focus because ½ of all online transactions occur on! Replens is the base model our group teaches for new sellers! The Proven Amazon Course is a learning library – “for on time learning!” 100% of Jim’s income has been via e-commerce for the past 20 years! Jim’s podcast, Silent Sales Machine Radio, is completely free to listen to.

Jim discusses his good friend, Rabbi Daniel Lapin, and highly recommends his new book called The Holistic You – which integrates the 5 F’s – faith, family, fitness, finance and friendship.

The conference will be held May 2024 in Orlando, FL! for more information! Jim feels this is one of the best Amazon conferences available because the people teaching the classes are actual Amazon sellers themselves and speak from personal selling experience!

Jim explains that about 95% of new sellers start by looking at Amazon selling through the wrong lens – a mindset shift is needed to look for “testworthy ASINs” as opposed to “profitable products!” Jim uses a bag of marshmallows as an example to illustrate how a new seller can look for test worthy ASINs. Jim also discusses the Kick Start Boot Camp (for PAC members) which includes 4 group coaching sessions with Coach Robin Joy for about $40!

Jim talks through an example of a profitable ASIN involving tea and recommends Podcast #369 to learn more about Keepa!

Jim explains his process for pricing (set price and leave it for 30-45 days) and then lower it to break even to get it moving if needed. Jim recommends listeners check out Podcast #554 – Ignore The Amazon “buy box” if you want to sell more Amazon Replens

Coach Robin Joy recommends the following categories for new sellers which tend to be open and a great place to start – home and kitchen, office supplies, arts and crafts, pet supplies (not food), patio, lawn and garden, industrial and scientific. Jim explains that as new sellers get 30-40 sales under their belt, Amazon will start to trust them and sellers will naturally become ungated in more categories!

The guest discusses difficulties he is having as an international seller with his billing (LLC address) and shipping addresses (prep center) not matching and as a result, having a hard time getting ungated in Lego (and a different home address on file with Amazon). Jim talks through thoughts he has on this topic and recommends both the International Selling Course in the PAC and asking for help in the free FB group.

Jim answers some FBA prep and ship questions regarding which items can go in a box together as well as expiration dates.

Jim answers some questions regarding a newer course – and also mentions Jim and the guest also discuss systems and how they help automate your business!

Jim discusses the Keepa graph and how far back in time sellers need to go in order to decide if it is a test worthy ASIN. Jim discusses avoiding listings that are on lead lists and have a significant rise in sellers happening. Personally, he looks back 6-9 months in general and a year if it’s a seasonal item to get a good idea of the selling history

Jim was personally invited to the Amazon Accelerate Conference and had the opportunity to ask questions at the director level of Amazon! (with Claire O’Donnell)

Jim discusses how Amazon divides sellers into 2 categories – those who are selling their own brand and those who are selling others’ brands

Jim discusses how about 95% of the time it is best to sell FBA. The premise of the guest’s question is really when to also include FBM. Jim’s opinion is that new sellers should really focus on FBA while learning the Amazon system


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PROVEN Bot Sourcing course
Rabbi Daniel Lapin's new book called The Holistic You – which integrates the 5 F’s – faith, family, fitness, finance and friendship

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