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Episode 764: I think we’ve proven this is the lowest risk, highest odds of success Amazon opportunity ever

I think we've proven this is the lowest risk, highest odds of success Amazon opportunity ever

On today’s new “coaches corner” podcast episode we explain why we see our unique approach to Amazon selling we’ve developed called REPLENS is the lowest risk, lowest learning curve and highest odds of success Amazon seller strategy (and quite possibly the best opportunity in all of ecommerce). If you aren’t aware – we teach the REPLENS model in the course as just one of the ways to do very well on Amazon as an ecommerce warrior, but it’s also where we start just about every student.

We really break it down today and explain our rationale.

When you compare this strategy for NEW SELLERS to the Private Label/Private Listings, Wholesale and other strategies, Selling/Reselling Existing Products…AKA “Replens” the way we teach it is hands down the best place to start – which is why we have 100’s of success stories to share on our podcast alone – never mind the 1000’s of posts in our Facebook group from those doing very well with this rapidly expanding opportunity!

Special guest at the conclusion of today’s show, Jeff Schick of answers the question: We estimate about 90% of all Amazon Section 3 suspensions from Q4 are now reinstated and an even higher percentage than that are reinstated in the PAC seller community. What was that all about? Why did it happen? How can we avoid that in the future?



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