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Episode 735: Put money in the bank now by having the right accountant who knows Amazon and E-commerce

Put money in the bank now by having the right accountant who knows Amazon and E-commerce

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Nobody wants to talk about accounting, but there’s a short conversation you need to have as soon as possible before the end of the year to avoid wasting thousands or tens of thousands of dollars on the wrong accountant or worse yet, dramatically overpaying on your taxes.

There are some very common mistakes that Amazon and e-commerce sellers make that wind up costing them ridiculous amounts of money. Odds are, if your account doesn’t specialize in the Ecommerce and Amazon selling, you are paying far more than you have to in taxes.

Learn today how to look at your past taxes and find money that you didn’t know you were owed.

This is an episode that you don’t want to skip just because you’re not into the whole “taxes and accounting thing”. A good accountant puts 3X what you pay him back in your pocket.

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Today’s guest: Jared Hall with Humnbird accounting

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