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Episode 719: The basic skills of Amazon and E-commerce that give you multiple opportunities with a bright future

The basic skills of Amazon and E-commerce that give you multiple opportunities with a bright future

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There’s a reason why we have more success stories in our community than any other E-commerce community I’ve ever seen. It’s a combination of several things. The 20+ years experience succeeding with E-commcere, eBay & Amazon, the team of 60+ coaches with beautiful businesses, proven strategies that are carefully vetted and tested for months before we dare share them with our community and perhaps most importantly…

We start virtually ALL of our students with the same basic skills that ensure they EARN while they LEARN.

Today I go through some of the exciting strategies we have coming soon that are all built on the foundation of the basics strategies we teach in the course.

Bottom line: 2023 will end with amazing new records being set, and 2024 will be the greatest opportunity E-commerce business building warriors have ever seen!

At the end of the episode we are also excited to bring you a success story about how a student (who is now a coach) went from about $4K per month in profits to tens of thousands monthly with a creative funding solution! Sam Koch from AccrueMe at

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New strategies coming soon: discontinued product sourcing, starting and running a prep center, opening a small profitable retail store

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