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Episode 713: A live Amazon Q/A with our Facebook members and PAC students

A live Amazon Q/A with our Facebook members and PAC students

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Once per week or so our Amazon seller leadership team and I love to go live on Zoom with whoever can join us and answer as many ecommerce and Amazon selling related questions as possible.

We love to capture the best moments from these Monday night sessions for you and turn them into a podcast episode.

Highlights compiled by the podcast team:

Jim opens the Facebook Live session with some general introductory comments before he dives into answering listeners’ questions! 

Jim reminds the listeners that we make our money when we buy our inventory! It’s essential to make good buying decisions! REMEMBER: we are looking for test worthy ASINs, not “winning products!” 

A listener wants to know if it is possible to start your business with no money to invest!? Jim says YES, definitely! Podcast episode #369 will help sellers learn Keepa in order to make good buying decisions! 

A new seller asks Jim about creating new listings and how to go about hopping on existing listings! Jim clarifies some misconceptions about the Amazon forums! 

Jim discusses how nothing is “typical” when it comes to starting a business! But he does emphasize that for people who are really willing to work hard, there are many success stories! Proof of concept can come quickly with the replens model! 

Coach Robin Joy gives some Q4 tips for sellers and also highly recommends the Kick Start Boot Camp for new PAC members! It’s a great way to get your Amazon business up and running! 

Jim reminds new sellers of some very important tips to remember! 1) Do not set up new listings, 2) Do not do the private label method to start, and 3) do not do pay per click (PPC)! Rather, the goal is to look for and identify underserved listings to sell on! 

John is saying “congrats on the upcoming 10 year anniversary…” Jim talks about the upcoming 10 year anniversary of the My Silent Team Facebook page and the incredible success the group has seen over the years! 

Jim issues a warning to new sellers that Private Label is NOT the place to start! Our community has seen many sellers find us after losing a lot of money starting with PL! 

Jim answers the listener’s question in providing guidance where to start as a new seller: In the PAC, there is a “Getting started” section that will lead you to Amazon 101, Keepa, and the RA Replenishable course. Coaching is also an option as well – 

Jim likes to look for 1) underserved listings with fewer sellers (5-7 sellers, 30-40 drops/month) and 2) anything that is dropping more than 40-50 times per month (regardless of how many sellers). Podcast episode #554 is a great listen about pricing your items and ignoring the buy box!

Jim recommends the course for help with sourcing. Additionally, is a system for scraping websites to help find test worthy ASINs 

Jim talks about doing RA via wholesale sourcing! Podcast #369 for more information on Keepa – this is essential! More information is coming regarding a wholesale mastermind group! 

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