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Episode 710: A live Amazon Q/A with our Facebook members and PAC students

A live Amazon Q/A with our Facebook members and PAC students

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Once per week or so our Amazon seller leadership team and I love to go live on Zoom with whoever can join us and answer as many ecommerce and Amazon selling related questions as possible.

We love to capture the best moments from these Monday night sessions for you and turn them into a podcast episode.

Questions and comments:

Jim gives an overview of the My Silent Team team and community and how we are all here to help one another – it’s the abundance vs scarcity approach! Amazon Replens is the introductory business model that is recommended for new sellers and The Proven Amazon Course (PAC) is the place to really learn how to sell on Amazon

Jim discusses creating multipacks and warns against new sellers doing this. HIs recommendation instead is to do the Amazon 101 course in PAC, the Replenishable model and then the Kick Start Bootcamp. He also speaks to the Proven Brand Building Module within PAC and also the Branded bundles training

Jim explains the Kick Start bootcamp for new sellers who have purchased the PAC. For a 1 time fee of about $40, new sellers will receive several coaching sessions that will help launch your Amazon business!

A listener asks Jim about his Bitcoin talk at the conference, which was not recorded due to A/V issues, however, Jim recommends a book called The Bitcoin Standard (by Saifedean Ammous) and has also recorded a Biblical defense of Bitcoin. to watch a video

Robin Joy and Jim talk about Replens and the 4th quarter! If sellers have taken a break from selling toys, now is a great time to revisit them now that many of the safety certificates have been submitted

Jim explains what Replens are and how the method works. He also explains what the Proven Amazon Course is and how to best use it

A new seller asks Jim to elaborate on what the following terms mean: RA (retail arbitrage) and Replens (the model). He also asks Jim to discuss FBA vs FBM and which is recommended

Jim discusses the process of getting ungated and mentions categories that are good for new sellers to start with. Also, in the MST Facebook group, the hourglass icon at the top right corner of the page can be used to search for “ungated” or “ungating” for many posts discussing this further

The listener asks Jim how to know how many replens to send in and how to avoid storage fees

Jim discusses how a toy can be a replen and the importance of reading Keepa to determine if it is a good ASIN to sell on. Podcast Episode #369 for additional Keepa training

Jim reassures the listeners that it does not need to be a big deal when Amazon changes their policies because it happens with frequency. Sellers just need to be ready to pivot, roll with the changes and capitalize on the opportunities this provides!! (similar to how the tax laws are always changing!)

A seller outside the US asks Jim if the Kick Start bootcamp is helpful for those who sell from outside the US and use a prep center. Jim talks about how much knowledge a seller needs to have in order to participate in the Kick Start bootcamp

Podcast episode #554 discusses why some of the most exciting listings you will sell against have a lot of sellers! (Podcast title: Ignore the Amazon “buy box” more if you want to sell more Amazon replens). One of the biggest misconceptions new sellers have is that they have to be the lowest price to make sales! This is incorrect and beginners will learn this as they listen to Jim teach!

Jim explains what it means to sell on underserved ASINs and how to identify those with Keepa. Jim prefers to use the phrase “test worthy ASIN!”

Show note LINKS – Get a free session with a business consultant on our team at 1-800-994-1792 / 1-801-693-1688 or TEXT US at 385-284-7701 (US & Canada only for Text)  ALL of our coaches are running very successful businesses of their own based on the models we teach here! We’ve been setting the standard for excellence in e-commerce and Amazon seller coaching since 2002 with over 7,000 students served! Hundreds of our successful, happy students have been interviewed on our podcast! – the comprehensive course that contains ALL our Amazon training modules, recorded events and a steady stream of latest cutting edge training including of course the most popular starting point, the REPLENS selling model. The PAC is updated free for life!

KICKSTART Bootcamp – Brand New to Amazon and REPLENS? All students of the course who’ve not yet made their first REPLENS sale will benefit greatly from this series of live (and recorded of course) zoom group sessions with a coach – it’s only $39! Contact [email protected] for details especially if you are a PAC student. – Learn to set up ASIN’s (listings on Amazon) that belong ONLY to you and contain recognized, popular brand names! This all new training for FALL of 2023 is finally being released to the public after helping many of our top coaching students achieve multips six figures in sales PER MONTH on their branded bundles! – -The service we use to help interpret all of Amazon selling data. For more information, Jim goes into more detail regarding why we love KEEPA and why every replen seller needs it on episode 369 of this podcast at – episode 554 Ignore the Amazon “buy box” more if you want to sell more Amazon replens – get an alert on your smartphone each time we have a new podcast episode or free training event! 

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