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Episode 697: A live Amazon Q/A with our Facebook members and PAC students

A live Amazon Q/A with our Facebook members and PAC students

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Once per week or so I love to go live on Zoom in the Facebook group with whoever can join me and answer as many ecommerce and Amazon selling related questions as possible. Recently, we recorded one of these sessions for you.

Added segment – Alex from Sellerboard discusses the features and advantages of this tool. Special pricing can be found at:

Questions and comments:

Jim discusses the frustration that some new sellers experience with being gated in so many categories / brands. New sellers can start selling in: arts & crafts, sporting goods, pets (not pet food), household goods – kitchen / bath, office supplies

Jim offers guidance on how to go about testing replens

Jim reminds new sellers, if you want to learn more about Keepa, go listen to podcast episode #369. Jim also reminds the listeners that “Once a coaching student, always a coaching student!”

Among Replen sellers, there are about 35-40 different tools that sellers can possibly use! Selleramp has a great reputation and is similar to RevSeller. Just remember – the most important data point when making replens decisions is – is this a test worthy ASIN? – which is what Keepa will tell you! Keepa is the most important tool to use! There are affiliate links available for Revseller and Selleramp

Jim offers the following suggestions for building relationships: 1) Relationships differentiate the people who make it vs those who don’t! 2) My Silent Team FB group allows you to enter your location and see other sellers who live nearby! 3)  “There is no such thing as a neutral interaction!” 4) Kickstart boot camp helps new sellers get a jump start to their business! 5) Brian and Robyn Joy Olson are hosting The 100 ASIN course in Salt Lake City in mid September. Podcast Episode #658 has more information regarding this!

Show note LINKS: – text the word “free” to 507-800-0090 to get a free copy of Jim’s latest book in audio about building multiple income streams online! – Get a free session with a business consultant on our team at 1-800-994-1792 / 1-801-693-1688 or TEXT US at 385-284-7701 (US & Canada only for Text)  ALL of our coaches are running very successful businesses of their own based on the models we teach here!

My Silent Team Facebook group. 100% FREE! Join 70,000 + Facebook members from around the world who are using the internet creatively every day to launch and grow multiple income streams through our exciting PROVEN strategies! There’s no support community like this one anywhere else in the world! The comprehensive course that contains ALL our Amazon training modules, recorded events and a steady stream of latest cutting edge training including of course the most popular starting point, the REPLENS selling model. The PAC is updated free for life!

KICKSTART Bootcamp – Brand New to Amazon and REPLENS? All students of the course who’ve not yet made their first REPLENS sale will benefit greatly from this series of live (and recorded of course) zoom group sessions with a coach – it’s only $39! Contact [email protected] for details especially if you are a PAC student.

PROVEN PATH TO 100 ASIN’s workshop – get details here:

Sellerboard – Use our link and get a TWO month free trial – 

SellerAmp  – Free trial offer

RevSeller – $20 off the first year subscription

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