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Episode 671: Why do those who speak English as a second language seem to consistently do better with our Ecommerce training?

Why do those who speak English as a second language seem to consistently do better with our Ecommerce training?

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After watching 1,000s of ecommerce businesses launch in our community and observing who “makes it” long term and who doesn’t, I’ve definitely detected some incredible patterns.

Here’s a hard question:

Why is it that people who have MORE disadvantages and MORE desperation and MORE right to a list of complaints and excuses than you do seem to be performing FAR BETTER than you are in their ecommerce or business models?

Have you ever noticed that or seen it around you? We see it here everyday.

I’m not the only one observing these patterns either – there seems to be timeless truths emerging in this pattern. There’s even a recent best selling book that identifies these exact patterns as well – it asks the question:

“Why do immigrants (better described as ’emigrants’) who build businesses succeed more frequently than do natural born citizens from that same culture?”

… that’s what I discuss on today’s episode.

Once you know you have a viable business model to follow, the person in the mirror might be the only one holding you back from extreme success.

See if you agree with my take on the best selling book discussed on today’s episode.

Book discussed: “The Emigrant Edge” by Brian Buffini

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