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Episode 628: Our weekly highlights and recap of powerful business lessons

Our weekly highlights and recap of powerful business lessons

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In today’s episode, we have highlights of a prior show discussing team building, record keeping and how this podcast gives free content that will infuse your business with cash just applying our advice. We covered episode 543.

543 – Our Free Podcast Helped Them Get to 7 Figures on AZ


  • Jim shares that this podcast will show that there is “light at the end of the tunnel” and even though difficult things happen in life, Jim and his team are there to help bring good out of the hard 
  • Guest discusses how she started listening to Jim’s podcasts regularly and within a short amount of time she was able to scale and buy their family a nice car with their business profit! 
  • The guest discusses how she went to a trade show and found brands to sell on Amazon that weren’t already selling on the platform! Several years later these products are still selling well for her and are the bread and butter of her business!
  • Jim and his guest discuss their passion for homeschooling and how making some extra income from Amazon may enable more parents to be able to homeschool too!
  • Guest discusses outsourcing and how that has been so beneficial to her business 
  • The guest discusses losing their son to a fentanyl overdose and how this loss changed the trajectory of their lives 
  • Jim and the guest discuss how important an accountant that is familiar with e-commerce is! 
  • Jim recommends Dave Ramsey’s book EntreLeadership as one of his Top 10 Book Recommendations! 
  • Jim talks with the guest about the importance of relationships and how it’s truly the foundation of building a successful business! 
  • Jim mentions Rabbi Daniel Lapin and he addresses the topic of isolation and we aren’t meant to be alone. 
  • Jim and the guest discuss her wholesale approach as well as a PL item. The guest also discusses selling on and how the communication with the buyers is much easier on that platform 

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