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Episode 560: Our weekly highlights and recap of powerful business lessons

Our weekly highlights and recap of powerful business lessons

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In today’s episode we have all of the highlights of the prior week’s shows including where to find the many resources mentioned! We covered episode #553 and #555.

Podcast #553 Retiring Soon and Building a Business For the Next Season with Amazon Replens

We talk about the software program Replen Dashboard – developed by Jimmy Smith and Karl Jacobi. Inventory management system that helps sellers determine how many products to replenish at a given time. 

Fear of spending on inventory. Jim offers a “Hebrew lesson” – the word ‘wisdom’ has an element of knowing your numbers. 

Discussion of debt, borrowing, credit, using capital to grow, Dave Ramsey (The Tortoise and The Hare Book) and Rabbi Daniel Lapin. 

Sellers actually make their money when  buying inventory

Discussion of guest’s positive experience with Jim Cockrum Coaching Coach Leigha Modlin. has most up to date info re: conference. Looking to be a 3 day event, likely in July 2023. 

Guest talks about her first Proven Amazon Conference experience (Summer 2022). 3 day event with over 40 sessions – all speakers from our community!

Podcast #555 Ten Ways to Find Great REPLENS to sell on Amazon 

Replen definition – a product you can sell over and over again on Amazon that can be easily sourced. Goal is to find underserved listings. 

Tactical Arbitrage (TA) is another method we teach and is helpful in finding replens. is the TA course that will be rolled into PAC down the line. Links can be found at their website to podcasts that Coaches Leigha and Jessica did with Jim describing their businesses.

Wholesale buying as a replen strategy. was developed by Rich Potter and is part of PAC. Uses a tool called Smart Scout.

Good alternative to buy lists is the Proven Replens VA (PRV program). Jim’s team finds, vets, trains, tests and tweaks the skill sets of the VAs for one seller! Not intended for new sellers as sellers need to “learn the ropes” first.

Jim discusses a new “BOT” strategy as an inventory hunting tool. Jim will be rolling this out in 2023.

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Show note LINKS:

Smart Scout – for more info and a discount

Get Tactical Arbitrage with a FREE trial: Once you understand how to find replens, TA can be a powerful add-on to your business!

Replen Dashboard accurately tracks product movement and trends to help you with buying decisions and inventory projections. An awesome piece of software! – Learn wholesale sourcing strategies from a multiple seven figure Wholesale seller – Get a free session with a business consultant on our team at 1-800-994-1792 or TEXT US at 385-284-7701 (US & Canada only for Text)  ALL of our coaches are running very successful businesses of their own based on the models we teach here!

My Silent Team Facebook group 100% FREE! Join 70,000 + Facebook members from around the world who are using the internet creatively – the comprehensive course that contains ALL our Amazon training modules, recorded events and a steady stream of latest cutting edge training including of course the most popular starting point, the REPLENS selling model. The PAC is updated with new courses free for life!

Meet your fellow listeners to this podcast, dozens of our coaches and hundreds of business building warriors at our live event! – – the service we use to help interpret all of the selling data. The online sourcing strategy sessions that were taught to hundreds of members LIVE a couple months ago. –  We find, train and assign a VA (Virtual Assistant) to work ONLY for you as a “Replen Hunting” specialist! – get an alert on your smartphone each time we have a new podcast episode! 

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