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Episode 525: Building an amazing business in just a few months following strategies

Building an amazing business in just a few months following strategies

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Our guest today started just a few months ago as an Amazon seller, but already he’s had a $110K sales month at solid margins. He started a little over six months ago and dove head first into the REPLENS systems that we talk about so much on this show. He’s doing some creative things that we don’t hear often on our show – for example, he’s doing a fair amount of international Amazon to Amazon “flips” with success and he describes his process today. He’s also not afraid to dig deep into Keepa data to uncover great “underserved listings” that he can sell against.

He has a VA doing a lot of the research work for him, and he has a newly hired assistant who he is also mentoring into a close walk with God – it’s a great story! Besides his small team, he does all the rest of the work himself and business is booming!

You’ll benefit from the tips and strategies you’ll hear today, and you be encouraged by the results and outlook of today’s guest Joe (last name withheld by request).

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