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Episode 451: Fully outsourced Amazon replens business builders moving into brand building

Fully outsourced Amazon replens business builders moving into brand building

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Today we meet a married couple who have an incredible Amazon business story! They started out as students and now our coaching team has grown with both of them now on board as coaches! They have a fully outsourced Amazon business model – meaning they aren’t doing any packing or shopping themselves. It’s pretty incredible. Better yet, they have a system that they’ve devised (using keepa in a creative way) to generate lists of sourceable REPLEN inventory ideas anytime they want to! They have an amazing income stream from Amazon that’s nearly fully automated. It’s a healthy mid-six figures business with approx a 20% net margin.

Today’s guests: Brian and Robin Olson

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Show note LINKS:– Brian’s new course that shows you exactly how to use Keepa to generate lists of profitable inventory with a predictable and methodical strategy.– the only course you’ll ever need. Includes all Amazon training modules that we’ll ever create (and all the ones we’ve ever created) – PAC students get in for only $29, or wait a couple months and it will be free inside the ProvenAmazonCourse collection of content. Free for our coaching students. Learn to create unique bundles and multi-packs using NAME BRANDS and put them in your OWN BOX for a unique selling advantage on Amazon. – date August 12-14th in ‘MID-WEST USA’

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