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Episode 433: Coaching student has found 100s of profitable products and just had a $10K month

Coaching student has found 100s of profitable products and just had a $10K month

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Today’s guest works full-time at his IT career job, but he’s managed to build an incredible business in his spare time and he’s in the process of completely automating it! After trying and failing at a few other ecommerce models, he finally found the course and he dove into it along with our coaching program ( About six months into his journey of selling using our unique REPLENS model, he had his first $10,000 month at a very healthy ROI as he explains in today’s show. You’ll also hear him talk about where he sources his products, how he’s automating his systems with a VA (virtual assistant) who does a BUNCH of the work for him for $200 per month, as well as a few more very useful tips and motivating strategies. You’ll love hearing from yet another exciting success story from our community!  

Today’s guest: Andrew Oppong

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