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Episode 431: Mom has full-time job but sold $450K in spare time in 2021

Mom has full-time job but sold $450K in spare time in 2021

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Today we meet the latest coach to join the team. In 2021 she worked full-time at her “real job”, but as a professed “One Mom Show” she also sold $450K on Amazon at 20% net margin without any hired help. She even calls her approach “lazy”!   Her ASP (average selling price) is $72 and she makes about $20 per sale on her various products. She never sees or touches her inventory (with small exceptions), she does all her buying herself online, and her goal is $1MM in sales in 2022.   Her strategies are simple, liberating and motivational – and it’s all based on the Replens model as taught in the ProvenAmazonCourse! This episode will be of interest to non-US based students because of her hand’s free methods – she tells us of three different non-US based friends who are doing the same thing she is.

Today’s guest: Leigha Modlin 

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Show Note LINKS:  The prep centers that we recommend and if you would like to apply for a listing spot check it out here: – get full, instant access to all the videos (and audios) from our December 2021 event INCLUDING the full video from the session you’ll hear in this episode

Leigha mentioned Brian Olson’s presentation from the recent virtual conference. In his chat he talked about finding numerous replens using only Keepa in a strategic way. All students get access to those videos, or you can purchase them using the coupon  CODE: ECOM22LC to get a deal at – Rebranding and launch program for all your private label needs Leigha’s $800 worth of tools. 

Caution: Unless/until you fully understand the Replens model as taught in the, the tools mentioned by her on this episode will be borderline useless to you. Please don’t toss money after tools thinking they will do the work for you. Learn the system first and then build into using the tools mentioned today. The only tool you’ll need initially as you student replens in the PAC course is Keepa. – This is where you go to get started. It’s the course you need to learn replens and all the other lessons you’ll need as you grow. It’s the ONLY course that is cranking out Amazon seller success stories virtually daily in our 68,000 member Facebook community! Once you have the PAC start with the Amazon 101 modules and then move on to the “RA Replenishable” module.

If you have any questions as a PAC student you should email [email protected] – – the service we use to help interpret all of the selling data. Keepa is discussed in depth on episode 369 at

Get Tactical Arbitrage (the software Leigha mentions using) with a 10 day FREE trial here:

Leigha discussed some of the advanced strategies she’s using to find replens using TA. Once you understand how to find replens and what they look like, TA can be a powerful add-on to your business! We are actively creating content to show you how to use the same strategy Leigha does – stay tuned to future episodes and join our Facebook group to get updates!


The last episode where we heard from Leigha was in June 2020. It was episode #292


Jim recently made a 13 minute overview of the Replens model that is really opening a lot of eyes! You’ll love the simplicity of the strategy he outlines! Here’s a link to the video:


Amazon Buy Lists for sellers: Leigha mentions that she uses “buy list” services to help enhance her research. Please use caution when investing in any “buy lists” – we don’t endorse any single lists because to do so would taint the results for those who also already use the “buy list”, but you can find many “Amazon seller buy lists” that will be of use by doing research on the topic. A coach can help you navigate this topic effectively as well. Please never blindly treat an Amazon “buy list” as a “shoppers list” assuming all shown ASINs are legitimate. Do your own careful research on any ASIN suggestions. – get an alert on your smartphone each time we have a new podcast episode!

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