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Episode 417: In four months he’s built a $20-$25K per month Amazon Replens business

In four months he's built a $20-$25K per month Amazon Replens business

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Today’s guest is a young man who came to the US from the Philippines at the age of 19. He worked several jobs just to stay afloat but was determined to get more for his wife and family. After wasting time on Ecommerce courses and concepts that took him nowhere (including a pricey private label Amazon course that completely wasted his time and money), he finally discovered this podcast and the course. He decided he wanted to use a coach. He quickly ramped up to sales of $20-25K/month at great margins within four months. He now has a realistic goal of going full time in 2022 and hitting $100K per month as he is getting into wholesale with our Proven Wholesale Sourcing strategies. It was truly an honor spending time with Mr. Ed Fernandez today on this episode.

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