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Episode 414: She’s selling $30-$40K/month herself with the Amazon Replens model

She's selling $30-$40K/month herself with the Amazon Replens model

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Today guest says, “profitable products are just everywhere” and she’s right. She’s followed the concepts we teach in the course and she’s built an incredible business! In her previous job as a high level corporate manager she worked up to 80 hour weeks away from home, but now she enjoys a flexible schedule at home and has more than replaced her corporate income.

In fact, just a few days prior to recording this episode, today’s guest hired her husband to join her so they both work from home now and have far more time with their son! It’s a great story that’s sure to inspire you.

We spend significant time discussing the typical challenges and strategies of the Amazon Replens selling model. Finding inventory isn’t the challenge once you are trained because products can be found EVERYWHERE. The real challenges are things like building systems to scale the business and taking regular breaks to avoid burnout while chasing all the opportunity that’s out there. We also tackle the topic of Amazon suspensions and managing relationships in business on this packed episode.

Today’s returning guest: Cris Beam

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Keepa is discussed in depth on Episode #369 at

Cris was last on the show in Episode #337

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Books mentioned on the show:

The E-Myth – Michael Gerber

The Pumpkin Plan – Mike Michalowicz

The Compound Effect – Darren Hardy

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