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Episode 405: Multiple Income Streams with Amazon. Wholesale, the agency model and more

Multiple Income Streams with Amazon. Wholesale, the agency model and more

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Rich Potter and Jim were recently invited to be a guest on another Amazon seller podcast. It was a great conversation, so we added it as an episode for you on this podcast. We discussed Wholesale on Amazon, building multiple income streams, the unique system that Rich has developed for growing his $4.5million Amazon business (as taught in the course), Scott Needham’s new software tool called “SmartScout” that we are all excited about ( has the best price), the importance of relationships in all online business efforts and much more.


Show note LINKS: – the course taught by Rich Potter that shows you how to use SmartScout to rapidly uncover wholesale opportunities on Amazon. – for those who want to travel to Rich’s warehouse near Phoenix Arizona and learn the entire system from his team

PPP aka ProvenProductPartnering – one of the many modules inside the course that teaches you the “agency model” as discussed on today’s show. – the best price you’ll find on SmartScout – the tool that Rich Potter and Scott Needham discuss today

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