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Episode 40: Private Label success made ridiculously simple on Amazon

Private Label success made ridiculously simple on Amazon

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It really can be amazingly simple to launch your own branded products (Private Label) on! We’ve sold a few hundred million dollars of private-label products on Amazon and have also successfully taught many others to do the same. In this show we “tell all!” We’ve also recently updated our system to cover the whole process. We can say now more than ever (with extreme confidence) that your success in private label doesn’t have to be complicated! If you’ve been listening to the way PL has been taught by most “experts,” you’ve probably overspent, overeducated yourself and gave up frustrated or worse yet lost a pile of cash! End the madness! Today we’ll pull back the curtain and expose the simplicity of the PL model – and you’ll be kicking yourself for ever thinking it was complex or expensive!

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