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Episode 399: How Rich found 200+ wholesale products and built a $3.5million Amazon business

How Rich found 200+ wholesale products and built a $3.5million Amazon business

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In this episode we launch the brand new training. We talk about systemizing and stabilizing your results on Amazon by adding in wholesale sourcing! You are more ready than you might realize when it comes to finding profitable wholesale products to sell on Amazon. These are products that are quite often already selling on Amazon profitably, and you can easily join the existing sellers at get a piece of the action. We want to show you how to find these consistent sellers with a very unique and powerful wholesale research strategy. If you are familiar with the REPLENS strategies that we teach, you have an even bigger advantage with this wholesale strategy! Others have paid $10K or more to gain access to the information we are about to share – but you get it for a tiny fraction as a listener to this show! Visit the new website to see the testimonials!

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Show notes:

Tons of great links with this episode! We have the best tools available to help you succeed in your online business! – Learn the wholesale sourcing strategies discussed on today’s episode


SmartScout Research tool – The best price you’ll find anywhere on this powertool is at


Revseller – best price you’ll find anywhere:


Keepa : The service we use to help interpret all of the selling data to know which wholesale items to buy – branding services for all of your private label products or bundled products.

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