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Episode 390: Started with $1500 early this year. Just had an $80K+ month on Amazon

Started with $1500 early this year. Just had an $80K+ month on Amazon

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Today’s guest is building an Amazon business that allows him to be home with his wife and son while living a flexible schedule that includes plenty of travel. He has been earning income online in different creative ways since 1995, but he calls the strategy taught in the course the only system he’s seen that’s like “shooting fish in a barrel”. After attending our conference in June a couple months ago ( he implemented some of what he learned there and his business has really taken off as a result. He shares the details of how he finds all the great products he’s selling as well as the tool he uses. He sold only about $6.5K in July this year and is expecting $90K in August just a month later at over 20% net margin. He started with only $1500 and has rolled his profits over into more inventory in order to grow. There are plenty of practical tips and loads of encouragement in this episode!

Episode guest: Mike Vifquain

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