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Episode 386: The latest strategies for Amazon account health and IP challenges

The latest strategies for Amazon account health and IP challenges

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If you sell on Amazon long enough you are going to face an account health issue. Rest assured that with the proper approach you can safely navigate these types of challenges virtually every time, but if you try to “wing it” or “go it alone” you could put your account at risk.


Today’s guest is our go to expert for all things “Amazon account health” and he’s here to tell us about the brand new course that he’s made along with one of our top coaches, Larry Pruett that teaches you all you need to know in order to keep your account Amazon account in good health!

Today’s guest: Scott Margolius

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Scott’s book – Plans of Action – the brand new course that Scott and Larry that contains 5 hours of instruction plus live interaction on the topic of keeping your Amazon account in full health. –

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