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Episode 384: Young couple builds Amazon dream business and clears $100/hour their first year

Young couple builds Amazon dream business and clears $100/hour their first year

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Today’s guest is a student who frustratingly experimented around with several “gig” type jobs and ecommerce opportunities before finding our podcast and community. He shares his journey of small wins and lessons along the way until they made a fateful decision. Along with his wife, our guest decided to jump with both feet into our community about a year ago and pursue the replens model that we teach in the PAC. The bottom line? A year later they did the math and sold about $200K of product and earned about $100/hr as a couple in their first full year after all expenses. Part of the magic of their approach is that they aren’t afraid to look at higher priced replen products. They share how they find these items as well as why they don’t do much FBA, instead they handle most of their own shipping. He also shares why he avoided the wildly popular (but nearly always disastrous) Private Label model of selling on Amazon as a new seller.

Today’s guest: Manny Irven

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