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Episode 371: She’s built a $30K per month Amazon biz with a $20 tool

She's built a $30K per month Amazon biz with a $20 tool

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Today’s guest works two intense full-time jobs and is also building an incredible business using the unique “Amazon Replens” strategies as taught only in the course. She also has three kids! Wow!


She’s selling about $30K per month at a healthy margin while using only ONE TOOL (Keepa!). That’s right – she’s not using any fancy software because she understands (as you’ve heard me say many times), there’s NO REASON TO BUY SOFTWARE until you are PUTTING MONEY IN THE BANK! The only software she uses is KEEPA as we taught her to do – it’s a simple tool that costs less than $20 per month.


You’ll enjoy the matter-of-fact methods and simple explanations of her business model as she follows the proven Amazon training the way so many others have done. Today’s guest: Linda Ramos


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Keepa : The service we use to help interpret all of the selling data

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