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Episode 358: Betsy launched her own game on Amazon and it’s going great

Betsy launched her own game on Amazon and it's going great

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We last heard from today’s guest a few years ago and her business has really taken off since then! Betsy started out as a student, and she’s slowly moved from selling random items to selling a product she’s passionate about! Betsy’s product is a simple card game that helps make learning math fun for students of any age. You’ll love hearing how this project moved from a passion project to a profitable, exciting story full of marketing genius! We share some very creative ideas in this episode that sure to inspire! Today’s guest: Betsy Mays of


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Show notes: is Betsy’s website


Betsy’s previous podcast appearance was episode 204 here on this webpage is the course that got Betsy started – Our best selling course for anyone any experience level of seller (newbie to pro). This course has every module we teach included.


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The book Betsy referenced is the book (all proceeds from day one of this best seller have gone to support an entrepreneurial inner-city Detroit pastor who we introduce in the book)


Some Hebrew based lessons in this episode are pulled from the book “Business Secrets From the Bible” by Daniel Lapin (found on


Rabbi Lapin’s book: Business Secrets From the Bible


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