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Episode 337: She started with less than 4 months ago and has already hit $70K in sales

She started with less than 4 months ago and has already hit $70K in sales

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Here’s a hard working student who took off FAST once she found this podcast and our community!  After becoming disillusioned with the hyped up youtube videos she saw which were all pushing the risky Amazon strategy called “private label”, Cris decided that she wanted to find something “real” and “scalable”. She joined our community just a few short months ago and studied the course. Just four months in she’s sold $70,000 worth of product at 30% profit! You’ll love the specific strategies shared in this episode by our guest Cris Beam.

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Replens Training (this course is a module inside the course)

TACTICAL ARBITRAGE: – the tool that Cris uses to analyze her buying data the coaching program for those who prefer a one-on-one coach for the ecommerce/Amazon FBA

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