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Episode 311: If you watch Youtube for Amazon advice you need this episode

If you watch Youtube for Amazon advice you need this episode

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I’d estimate that about 95% of all the “experts” on youtube who are teaching Amazon selling success all have the same basic strategy that they teach. We take a different path because it puts cash in the bank faster and there’s ZERO chance of you winding up with unsellable inventory! While there’s certainly not a “single solution” that works for everyone, the numerous success stories you hear in our episodes and the 550+ success stories in our Facebook group is compelling evidence! 


LINKS: course – the course that contains all our modules including our Private Label training AND our “Replens” training among dozens of other units! – our coaching team has world class Private Label branding, trademark and marketing experts ready to assist you!


The topic of “starting on Amazon with Private Label” discussed in our Facebook group


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